The Ruthven Estate is a large mansion and the surrounding area owned by Nephthys.



In its usual form, Ruthven House is entirely black, with a creamy, bone-white color used for railings and the like. The building's design resembles Jeffersonian architecture, featuring a large white dome atop. Windows fills both the dome and most of the building. Towering columns line the stairs leading to the doorway.


When Nephthys is angered or irritated, the building's exterior transforms into an ornate, gothic appearance. It turns to black stone, with dark purple roof. Gargoyles decorate the house, gazing down on the landscape below. A series of verandas are set into the walls, providing places to enjoy the view.


On the other hand, when Nephthys is saddened, the house transforms into a black and green castle-like building. A sense of melancholy surrounds it at all times, fitting with the black fences that seem to sprout up around it. All of the trees on the estate appear to blow in the wind, even if the air is calm.

The interior stays the same in all forms, regardless of exterior shape. There are several fireplaces, each decorated with an antique sword resembling a khopesh. The most notable room is the library, the room centered under the dome and decorated with intricately carved wood showing strange creatures and battles. Equally strange books are located on the shelves, dark tomes such as the Liber Necropolis and Necronomicon. A large black Bible, made of black leather and marked with a pattern resembling the crown of thorns, rests on a podium.


The history of Ruthven Estate is shrouded in mystery. No records show its construction, yet it has been sitting on its hill for generations. Reports of its appearance changing abound, yet no difference can be discerned on any photograph. A woman named Nephthys has apparently taken care of it for the entirety of its existence, despite the fact that she has not appeared to have aged a day since she moved to the town.


  • The Ruthven House was inspired by some of Zombiejiger's favorite houses; Monticello, the Biltmore Estate and Fonthill Castle. It was named after one of the first literary vampires, Lord Ruthven.