The Sepulcher of Dark Arms is a tomblike structure containing a large arsenal of weapons owned by Necrobane.

Location and DefensesEdit

The Sepulcher of Dark Arms is located inside a pyramid in Necropolis. It is guarded by a phalanx of Necrobane Praetorians and Necropolis War Sphinxes, in addition to Panthera Galberos. However, select few graveyards contain portals to the entrance. One of these is located near the Ruthven Estate.

The interior can rearrange itself upon the entry of an unauthorized being or at Z's command. Small crystals built into the hieroglyphics in the walls can fire lasers that will kill most intruders and then reanimate them as undead.

Hexes are placed inside the structure, which will cause intruders to believe that they have stolen something worthwhile, but in reality it will be nothing but a bone or scrap. If this hex is broken, a more powerful insanity curse will set in. After a while, the intruder's soul will be drained and they will become yet another undead guard.


Unonventional WeaponsEdit

  • Halberds: Z keeps halberds inside the Sepulcher, the same type that are carried by the Praetorians.
  • Khopeshes: A nearly limitless collection of swords, used for arming Z's forces.
  • Khopesh Scythe: A scythe with a khopesh-like blade, the same used by Zombiejiger.
  • Horn of Souls: A hollowed out horn belonging to some long-defeated kaiju. When blown, enemies will go wild and all semblance of order is lost. Some will go berserk, some will cower and all turn on each other.


  • Sacred Khopesh of Burn it with Hell Fire: A gift from Sol, an enchanted khopesh that can transform into a grenade launcher of all things.
  • Shard of Death: Another gift for Sol, who had no use for the Necromantic weapon.
  • Corpse Bolter: A gift from Akreious, a weapon that shoots super dense bone fragments enchanted with Necromancy that wither the target.

Doomsday WeaponsEdit

  • Clockwork Crystal: A large green diamond set into a complex clockwork machine. When the proper combination is used, the device will fire an unstable beam than can vaporize a planet. Z acquired it from a deranged warlord who had the misfortune to assault a world that one of Z's incarnations dwelt on.

Godkiller ArsenalEdit

  • Sarcophagus of Chernobog: A sarcophagus that has the form of a screaming, noseless face wearing an Egyptian styled headdress. The face's eyes are curved like Belial's, and along with the mouth glow green at all times. It is jet black and covered with white runes, which glow purple when the device is in use. The sarcophagus was created by Z and Sol, a combination of potent sorcery and powerful machinery. It can seal away even a Titan Prince.