An artifact of great power forged in the Garden of Sol. It is also called the Shield of Sol, the Shield of the Sun and the Shield of Fire/Sun God

Appearance Edit

The shield can change and take on several forms, mainly that of a shield. In its truest form it a gold and red shield. While held by the Titan SolZen, it takes the form of a red shield like face mask and covers his body in red flames. When used by the Titan Prince Sol's in his Titan Form, it generally takes the form of a cape made of fire.

History Edit

There are actually two shields, one used by the Titan Incarnation and the other used by the Titan Prince. It is not certain which is the real one, nor does it seem to matter.

Abilities Edit

  • Shield/Force Field: As a shield, its purpose is to hold back any force. With SolZen, it hold back the lion share of his power. It can be held in hand to hold back a force that could rival the big bang. It is said it can back any force. However, it is mainly intended to hold back evil power and act as a purifying force (SolZen can only tap into his Prime incarnation's power via anger, a negative emotion). Thus can it be used as a weapon against evil.
  • Transformation: Despite the name the shield often does not appear as a shield. It mainly appears as a Mouthplate, which grants the user a fiery protective aura or a cape, which can block just as well as the aura.
  • Transportation: In its cape form, it can be used to transport objects, either to summon them, to dispatch them via the powers of a wormhole/vortex. It is often used to summon Sol's blade.