"Where is it...?"Ràild said. He went up and down the library, past tomes and scrolls untouched for centuries. This was the oldest part of the library, the place where they intentionally put things to be lost and forgotten. That book was new, it's purple hue set it apart from other tombs, and it was nowhere to be found on the shelves. Then he stopped, he felt it, the sensation of knowing you were being watched, a discomforting sensation on one's back, clawing at the back of awareness until...he turned around.

It was there, at the end of the pathway between the shelves, resting on a table,and wide opened. He approached it with felt like it was...waiting for him. The pages were open and as he looked at it, he found that he could...guess the words. What came out of his mouth was random, but somehow he knew it was the right word, pronunciation and grammar.

He started reading, soon he was chanting, he could not say what he was speaking, only that he knew he was saying correctly. He was in a trance, reading, no chanting, harder, louder faster, faster and faster. All the while the candles went out in the library, one, by one. He grabbed the book. "Damn it...!" He cut himself. He raised his hand, and single drop of blood rolled down his palm onto the page. It disappeared like water into a sponge.

Ràild, was suddenly back to his sense, and noticed how dark it suddenly was, how the lights came on as if someone hit a switch. He also noticed someone was behind him, 'something'...casting a shadow. This shadow was not human, it was monstrous, with several long tentacles for arms.

"Hello..." said a deep, unsettling and whispering voice. "I believe you called...?" Ràild reached for his sword, only to realize he had forgotten it. He began to pray and regret not listening. "Oh, do calm down, if I wanted to do something, you would not be talking..." Ràild turned around, and saw...a young man...?

He was tall, almost inhumanly so, with sickly pale skin, with veins almost visible. His hair was white, his eyes, purple like amethysts, matching the rather long purple scarf around his neck, and he wore simple grew clothes.


"Where you expecting someone else...?"

"Who are you...?"