The forever servants of Mandaz.

Appearance Edit

Hunched over humanoids with serpentine necks and heads and long snake like tails. In the past they were colorful at present they are are all albinos. Most wear little more than loinclothes, but those of rank wear red rags/robes.

The females are much more slender/thinner and have spikes over their eyes.

Culture Edit

They utterly worship Mandaz and follow his beliefs however as a result they are inbred and suffering from degeneration and infertility which has only further fueled their Darwinist beliefs.

Their priests are mainly illusionists and are seemingly biologically immortal.

For obvious reasons they see Sol as the source of all their woes, and treat him as a sort of devil figure. Due to his title of sun god, they have taken to hiding from sunlight and especially Cinders which they know are connected to him and his avatars.

They are the only race seemingly capable of getting along with Trolls.

History Edit

Once a great race conquering other worlds, and dimensions under the banner of their God-King, that all changed when they came across Cinders on a world. Like many races they sought to harness the power of this substance, enhancing their magic. However, the cinders soon began to go out, due to the dark magic they used them for. Enraged that they could not use Cinder while their enemies could, they traveled to the Garden, source of the Cinders and eventually began a war with its natives in a conflict that became known as the War of Fire and Venom.

It ended with their god beaten and enslaved, their race decimated, Cinder out of their reach, and Sol taking to slumber as the Aspects rose to rule in his stead. Since then their empire crumbled and they have stuck to the shadows and have been forced to run from Cinder, afraid that its masters would be alerted to their presence.

For reasons unknown they have gathered in the world of the Elves, where they ally with the Trolls. Living underground, they now war with the Death Elves. Their goal is to steal the power of Z to restore their race to glory and then their lord.

Trivia Edit

  • Based on a race of the same name and general appearance from the Cthulhu mythos.