A high ranking Angeloid and arguable head of the Board of Directors/Council. He is head of security. His real name is Soliel.

Appearance Edit

Sol appears as a large golden suit of plate armor. It is reflective, but the presence of his wings makes it look like he is shining. The back of his collar raises up and forms a disc, which makes it seem like a light is shining behind his head. He has two pairs of golden fiery wings, one on the back of his shoulders like normal and another on a lower back.

Personality Edit

While he tries to be calm, Sol is a rather intimidating fellow, somewhat controlling and dominating. He loves Order and abhors disorder, which is ironic since he is something of a slob, yet even so it is often 'organized chaos'. He is meticulous about time and does not take well to threats. He is also quick to tell someone off.

Sol holds his and the job of the Angeloids in high priority and does not take kindly to anyone who endangers that.

He is also sensitive about the fact that Z is taller than him, despite himself being rather tall compared to the other Council members.

History Edit

The oldest on the council, it is rumored that he created the other Angeloids and set up the Office. Whether that is true or not, besides being in charge of the Security of the Office, is also the one who creates new Angeloids, both him and Z.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Strength: Sol is stronger than most Angeloids. Only other Council Members can hope to fight him and it is known he can manhandle them.
  • Fire Magic: As opposed to the Paper Magic used by Angeloids in disguise and their own wing based abilities, Sol uses fired based spells making him seemingly unchallenged in terms of destruction. This form of magic gives him an advantage against those that use paper magic to fight.
  • Intelligence: While Z rivals his mystical knowledge and Clee surpasses it, his knowledge of technology and mystical objects is rarely ever challenged.
  • Sol's Spear: Sol's weapon that he is always seen with in his true form. Despite it being a spear he often uses it like a sword and it also double as a staff.