Tartarus Lens
The Tartarus Lens is Z's preferred way to transform one of his human incarnations into a giant, normally an Ultra.


The base design of the Tartarus Lens was copied from the series of devices known as Spark Lenses. Taking the device and redesigning it, the Necrobane created his own devices and imbued them with his power. An unknown yet large number exist in a vault in Necropolis, but few are seen by mortals.


The Tartarus Lens is a black and gunmetal version of the Spark Lens with several vicious hooks and blades. Purple crystals and set into the wings and base, with a larger half-purple, half-green one mounted between the wings. The grip is made of black leather.


  • Transformation: The main purpose, the Tartarus Lens allows one to transform into a Wraith Ultranoid, or something similar.
  • Dark Lightning: A Tartarus Lens can discharge a pair of intertwined lightning bolts from the crystal, one purple and one green. This can vary in power depending on usage, but the highest level is enough to kill a human.