Remember the day

When you got to play

In the rolling green mountains

And enjoy the flowers?

What are left are cinders

Miasma and fires

Volcanoes and valleys

Of what were gardens and hills

If you ask for history

Then here is the story

On how the Garden

Started to burn

There was a man

Named Sol of the Sun

His strength is revered

Respected and feared

There was a Snake King

Cruel and uncaring

Said to destroy worlds

Proof he's beyond Gods

Wanting to stop Sol's blade

He created a crusade

Defeat the Sun

Destroy the garden

Sol was too powerful

Yet the snake brings a handful

Venoms on his fangs

Inject and he sleeps

The snake was chained

The Sun God has rested

In this clash of disasters

The Garden Burns

- The Garden Burns, The Guide Book of Knowledge, Athena