"The Lag is real."


An Eldritch being caused by the reckless actions of other Eldritch powers.

Appearance Edit

Normally invisible, a Lag resembles a dense cloud ball, with numerous arms and fangs without mouths, emerging and forming around it

History and Nature Edit

Where the Silence is the result of the desecration by Eldritch on the waking world, the Lag is the result of the Eldritch assaulting space time itself. They are technically animated pocket dimensions, only whatever ends up in them is typically destroyed. However the Lag feeds on time, taking out chunks of a being's time line and transforming them into their future selves, usually on their death beds, or simply aging everything around it.

They are fortunately rare and are the result of the eldritch attempting to cause intentional paradoxes, not that most can do such a thing.

Trivia Edit

  • They are named after the Lag meme from Live Chat sessions, but also visually inspired by the Chronovore from All-Star Superman.
  • Their name, in universe, comes from the fact that their presence causes people to de-synchronize with time, causing time around them to seemingly stop before speeding back up again.