"Oue only concern is letting that mad man visit the Plains." - The Sentinel

The Sentinel is a Titan Prince, ruler of the Plain Lands, and is known by many as the Great Watcher. He is one of the few people who owns the original copy of The Guide Book of Knowledge.

Appearance Edit

Sentinel wears a suit of armor, resembling those used by the knights of Europe, colored gold and silver. Apparently he wears the armor to conceal his true form.

Personality Edit

Sentinel enjoys watching everything he sees, particularly humans, due to how amusing and hardworking they are. Despite this, he is always alone, wanting to have a loyal companion on his side. While he is silent most of the time, when he sees a Titan Prince, he'll begin to talk for hours and hours about what he sees. He doesn't like Akreious, calling his presence as "disturbing to the universe and beyond". Sentinel keeps the secrets of the Titan Princes for himself, never wanting to reveal them to anyone but himself. He also legion-speaks, referring himself as multiple beings.

History Edit

A titan who ascended beyond the term and the ruler of the seemingly mundane Plain Lands. He's just there for a reason or another.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Gaze: Being gifted with a heightened sense of sight, Sentinel can see through trillions of worlds at the same time.
    • Gaze of Death: Sentinel can kill anyone he sees. It doesn't work against machines or anything above humans for that matter.
    • Gaze of Enslavement: Sentinel can manually control anyone he sees. It doesn't work against machines or anything above humans for that matter.
  • Dimension Blocker: For his own amusement, he can sidetrack dimension travelers to their doom.
  • Magic Canceler: Sentinel can create a "no-magic zone" preventing the use of magic and thus making it useless. He rarely uses this since Z keeps complaining about it.
  • Prophecy: Sentinel can see the next 5 seconds of everything he sees.
  • Ruler's Rule: He is directly connected to his realm. As such, if he's mad, powerful storms would rage there.
  • Spawn: He can teleport objects to his location. He mostly uses this to kill people by drowning them on the Great Lake.