Z Castle
A Dimension of Energy and emotions, they strange realm is where the realms of the Titan Princes resides. While the realm appears as a mass of churning storm clouds on the backdrop of space. Each Realm can be seen as a very bright star in the distance.

Nature Edit

Within the shroud objects, worlds, people, things come into existence and dissipate back into the clouds they formed from just as quick. It also does not follow conventional rules.

However reaching them is impossible except through a massive castle built of starry black brick etched with magical symbols.

Some theorize that his realm is the source of all psychic and/or magical energy, other claim it is the realm of souls...In truth it was created by the Princes so people would stop bothering them so much. The realm itself appears to be a mass of Psionic energy.

The Shroud is also home to Jinn, elementals, thoughforms, that seem to appear naturally.

Castle of the Princes Edit

With in the Shroud is a special castle, it holds the doors that access the realms of the Titan Princes and is typically guarded by a powerful armored warrior of unknown origin.