A type of Eldritch being, that often appears in the wake of other Eldritch things.

Appearance Edit

The Silence is an amorphous mass of darkness/miasma. Each instance of them varies in size. Their core is a viscous black tar that radiates the darkness around it.

History Edit

The Silence, is a group of beings ranging from small clouds to entire nebulae or miasma. Unlike other Eldritch which seek to spread corruption, the Silence are the result of their actions. Where Eldritch wreak havoc and leave devastation the Silence form as spirits of miasma from the memory of devastation left behind.

They are clumped together wounds of darkness left behind by the Eldritch. They are also the result of powerful Eldritch that have been slain and not properly disposed off.

Because of their nature, in low levels, they are fairly harmless, minus the typical insanity causing nature of the Eldritch and have been purged in vast numbers without notice. However when raised to a large mass/numbers, they behave in a predatory nature.

Trivia Edit

  • Yes, this is based on the 'Silence' meme from Live Chat.
  • In universe their name comes from the 'Silence' which refers to the aftermath of an Eldritch's actions, on a world, and what will be the end result if they ultimately won.