Undeath, the goal of Necromancers and the crime against the proper order of things.

Nature/Explanation Edit

Undeath refers to the unnatural distortion of life and death. There term 'unnatural' is used because there are some beings who exist naturally outside the classical definition of being 'alive'.

Undeath is most often the result of Necromancy, and in the most basic terms can be described as a dead body moving via magical means, or a being whose life force has been replaced by a spell, more commonly a Hex of some sort.

Undeath is closely related to the Eldritch Things, in fact their life forces, are more often that nought, more akin to that of Undeath than a normal life form.

In short Undeath mainly refers to the unnatural tampering of a being's life force via magic, usually dark magic, it may even involve a spirit being forcibly held in the world of the living.

It should be noted as Undeath, comes from Necromancy, which generally involves dark magic, undeath energy is corruptive.

Types of Undeath Edit

  • Zombies: Corpses reanimated by magic (although some similar, non-magical similarities exist)
  • Walking Skeleton: Skeletons risen by magic. Despite their appearance, they are often faster and at times stronger than zombies as their motor function are more dependent on magic that rotting muscles.
  • Spirits/Ghosts
  • Wraiths: A type of Undeath, where the caster exists in a cloud of black blood after death. It is a failed attempt at becoming a Litch, as its only power is to drain life/blood from others, or possess others, whose bodies are corrupted. Due to its unstable nature, one should not expect this existence to last long without outside assistance.
  • Wights: A semi-sentient, or sentient Zombie like being, whose soul has been reclaimed to their body or bound to stop it from leaving. They may also be 'programmed zombies, instead of revived people.
  • Litch: An undead spellcaster, they are bond to their original body, but their soul has been place in a Phylactory, a special jewel/orb that contained their blood, while they puppet about their original body. The Phylactory is their main weakness.
  • Vampire: Another attempt at immortality, a vampire is a living being cursed with a blood hex. They require blood to survive and the dark magic infused in their life force may give them special abilities given time. However, they are vulnerable to 'shields of psychic will' usually generated by faith and objects and faith, various other weaknesses, but most importantly sunlight to some degree or form. Most must sleep in the day, but some can walk about provided they do not use their dark powers.
  • Ghouls: Cursed living beings turned into degenerate cannibalistic beasts that feed on the dead. They are insane from the damage done to their souls, via their curse.
  • Eldritch Things: Through their combination of bio-Alchemy and curse of Undeath, Necromancers are the most likely in the Multiverse to become Eldritch Things