The 'Units' in the story Black and White.


The armour of the user takes the form of the Unit they are. They come in two colours, depending on the faction, it's either black or white, though, the black Units have red energy coursing through their joints and eyes, while the white Units have blue energy.


In both factions, they have the same units, five Knights, one Queen and one King.


Despite being the same Unit, Knights are divided into sub-categories.


The only long-range Unit of all the Knights. They possess a bow that shoots energy arrows, however, they possess physical arrows that have certain effects, such as EMPs or gravity fields. Often times, they are a 'game-changer'.


The 'shield'. The Goliath is the Unit with the strongest armour (including the Queen), in fact, in all of history, not once has a Goliath been killed in their armour, only in their human form.


The fastest of all the Units. The Rogues wield twin daggers. They are throw-able, however, once thrown, they have to go physically retrieve it.

Sword MasterEdit

Sigh Do I even need to explain this? I do? Fine...I don't get paid enough for this...wait...I'm volunteering for*t...Anyways, the most balanced Unit. The Sword Masters wield a claymore and a shield.

Secret UnitsEdit

Both factions have a different special Unit. Each different war has a different secret Unit (also different for both factions). They are considered both factions' 'trump' card, and they shall be revealed in due time...


The most powerful Unit. Also called 'Witch', they are capable of using spells, thus, they excel in both attack and in defense.


The weakest Unit. They are unable to attack or run, though, they possess an invisibility ability that is active for a certain time, though, it can only be used once per battle.


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