Whispers from an unknown source in the void. They speak of prophecy and dark things to come for the patrons of the Rift Café...

Whispers Edit

  • The Lord of Cinders has run hollow.
  • The Venom that felled him was not the snake's.
  • To find her, drown yourself in the Ocean of Stars.
  • Three lords to hold the circle, three lords to break it, three keys to open the way to 'him'.
  • The Anathema is born again at his roots.
  • The great schemer is a pawn, 'our' pawn.
  • The Lord of Cinders lied, he is neither order nor fire.
  • The Prince with the hidden face knows the way.
  • To find the hateful sword, you must go to the end.
  • The Blade of Hate is the key.
  • The Wise God was silenced with madness, so he could take his place.
  • He fears the past because that is were his end lies.
  • Their light did not kill him, I am still here.
  • The third conflict heralds my return.
  • Prince will turn on Prince, and the third conflict will begin.
  • The Lord of Shadows hides the Door.
  • With her return, she brings truth, and with it war.
  • The Child of the Sun draws his strength from the void, my void, my strength.
  • Silence will grow.
  • 'He' is coming, 'He' of the void, bringing the night. The clock ticks, his arrival is soon.
  • She is the tempest, the storm that overtakes the calm. She is the crashing waves, roaring up at the sun.
  • When she is free, I will have no more use for my great pawn. She will paint your world black.