Gender: Female
Series: Metaverse
Type: Cando
Affiliation Z
Created by ElizaMayTyto
Wisteria is a Cando, a robotic human/avian hybrid with a strangely melodic and tuneful voice.


Wisteria appears as a thin youthful woman with large golden metal wings. She has skin and hair grafted over her robotic body, so she looks more humanoid than machine. She wears a single piece white toga with a golden belt around her waist and simple brown gladiator sandals.

She has long silky straight silver hair that flows free down her back and a widow’s peak. Her face is rather round and heart shaped like an owl. Her eyes are large and luminous, a swirling aqua color with white pupils, otherwise there is no white to her eyes. Her skin is pale with a slight silver tint to it. Wisteria only has four facial expressions; dreamily impassive, mildly concerned, vaguely surprised and a vacant yet sincere smile. If needed, she can rotate her head almost entirely around.

Her wings are long, with a fourteen-foot wingspan, and made of a strong shining golden metal. They can be folded up against her back, but are often held slightly aloft. The golden feathers absorb solar light to power her cybernetics and they also are enabled with wind turbine capacity so she can gather energy as she flies. Where the wings connect to her body is a hollow cavity filled with micro bots that repair or replace skin and feathers as needed. Her wings are impervious to damage by any weapon imaginable, but hard blows can knock feathers loose or cause them to break. Her wings are oddly flexible and can bend in ways that would not be physically possible for a bird.


Wisteria is rather perceptive and can sense the emotions of those around her without showing any emotion herself. The only time others can tell how she feels, besides her four facial expressions, is that she has a tendency to make a warbling whistle-like bird song when distressed. She is also extremely intelligent and they only thing she lacks is an understanding of metaphors and sarcasm, although she can pick up on metaphors if they are explained to her.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Physical Strength: Compared to an average being her size, Wisteria has superhuman strength and therefore often carries no weapons, the exception being a heavy staff. She relies on a karate-like martial art to defeat opponents with ease. Combined with her strength, the cyborg can break bones with ease.
  • Wings: Wisteria can use her wings both as weapons and a shield. By striking an opponent with them, she can render them unconscious, or use her wings as a shield to block projectiles.
  • Micro Bots: Microscopic machines that can repair damage both internal and external.
  • Night Vision: She can see in the dark.


  • Wisteria was designed by one of Zombiejiger's friends, alias Eliza May Tyto.