Necrobane's Ultra-like beings.


Wraith Ultranoids are virtually indistinguishable from normal Ultras. They can appear in any typical color combination, although blue, purple, black and grey are the most common. Skull and bone-like markings often cover their bodies. If the Ultranoids have protectors, they resemble those of the Dark Giants.

Despite their colors, markings have no effect on their powers.


The Wraith Ultranoids are created from a "wholesome" form of Miasma, and are effectively heroic counterparts of Miasma Ultranoids.

Inside each Ultranoid is a green crystal enchanted with the Necrobane's sorcery. This functions as an alternative to the Dark Pearls of a Miasma Ultranoid, acting as the Ultranoid's heart and color timer. Each of the Ultranoids are formed from a statue carved by Z himself and then animated with the above enchantments and crystals.

Wraith Ultranoids are best described as non-evil versions of Dark Ultras in terms of their abilities.

If the crystal inside an Ultranoid is destroyed, it will cause Z some pain but not to the extent that the destruction of a Cinder Ultra would to Sol.


Wraith Ultranoids are created for the express purpose of killing eldritch beings or other threatening beings. They are based on the blueprints Sol gave to Z and Akre.

Unique AnatomyEdit

  • Z Crystal: The heart and soul of the Ultranoid, which grants them their unique form of purified Miasmium.

Common Body FeaturesEdit

  • Eyes: Wraith Ultra eyes are either green or purple and allow the Ultranoid to see in the dark, through objects and across vast distances.
  • Ultra Armor: The usual durability, plus a strong resistance to dark magic.
  • Color Timers: Green crystals set into the chest, show the Ultranoid's strength and stamina.

List of Wraith UltranoidsEdit

  • Ultraman Ankou:
  • Ultrawoman Banshee:
  • Ultraman Dullahan:
  • Ultraman Draug:
  • Ultraman Mesta: A Wraith Ultranoid who occasionally lets his emotions override him and causes more harm than good.
  • Ultraman Mors:
  • Ultrawoman Strigoi: Created at the same time as Stryha, and considers the other Wraith Ultranoid a sister.
  • Ultrawoman Stryha: Created at the same time as Strigoi, and considers the other Wraith Ultranoid a sister.