An Angeloid and member of the Council/Board of Directors. His real name is Zarael.

Appearance Edit

Z is a tall gunmetal grey Angeloid, with glowing purple runes all about his person. His wings are purple tendrils, and when they are set still in Wing position, the faces of the dead can be seen on them. As a council member he has a second pair on his lower back, both of which are stylized bars with runes. His face is a hood like all Angeloids, but four marble white masks orbit his face, changing base don his mood; stylized versions of a human face, hawk, bull and lion face.

Human Form Edit

Z's human form appears as a deathly pale young man in a black suit. He has blond hair which is probably slightly longer than it should be, and keeps a pair of sleek purple sunglasses in his pocket.

Personality Edit


History Edit

Z is in charge of maintain the magic, both Angeloid and Paperwork, which is used by their forces. He is also responsible for the magic seals and paperwork which bury the Dragon.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Death Magic: Z is master of dark magic that revolves around Death and Undeath.
  • Paper Work: He is a master of paper magic.
  • Scythe: A black iron staff with more of Z's runes. It's blade is that of a Kopesh. Besides a physical weapon it is also used as a wizard's staff. It waits to be summoned when not in use.