Gender: Male
Series: Metaverse
Type: Titan
Affiliation Metaverse
Created by Sol/Zenonkou
A young Titan, with too much ego.

Personality Edit

Zenon is arrogant, and somewhat ignorant of the nuisance he is to the other Patrons of the bar. His arrogance is so great he whole heartedly believes he can beat a Titan Prince and calls himself the 'Star Grim Reaper', wearing dark robes and carrying a scythe to help sell the idea. He is somehow ignorant of the fact that other Titans can sense the relative strength of each other and thus know his claims are just that.

He also seems to have a thing for copying other Titans. To this day he still refuses to admit that he got his look from Z, or the 'star' part from Sol.

He also strangely forgetful, considering he often asks questions that were answered not to long ago.

History Edit

One of the youngest Titans, Zenon's antics often invoke the ire of the other patrons. Thankfully for him, the more powerful/older patrons seem to mainly ignore him.

He has also begun to write fiction based on the image he wishes to project.

Despite his claims, he has never encountered a Titan Prince

Weapons and Abilities Edit

  • Zenon Shot: A beam from his arms in the L position.
  • Zenon Blade: A blade energy construct covering his hand.
  • Zenon Slice: An arc shaped burst of energy.
  • Cloak and Scyth: His cosplay items, which he sometimes wears along with a golden belt he bought from a toy store. They don't actually do anything
  • Basic Titan Abilities


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